Doktor Tarsa founded by Prof. Dr. Mazhar Özman in 1987 in İstanbul. Being a medical doctor, Prof. Dr. Özman had a passion to grow healthy plants.

While trying new products in his small garden greenhouse, he discovered the effectiveness of peat moss on germination, a product which was not known by Turkish farmers in that time.

Thrilled by this success in his small garden, he thought that everybody should benefit from this new product and decided to share this new application with Turkish farmers.

For this reason, he founded a small company. A company, whose first action was to meet new technologies with farmers. As the essence of its foundation, innovation is still the primary mission of Doktor Tarsa.

After several difficult, but successful years of proving the necessity of peat moss, a new challenge was awaiting with the developments in modern irrigation and plant nutrition products. Doktor Tarsa became one of the pioneers in this area as well.

Getting bigger each year, the company renowned by its professional approach and became the distributor of major global plant nutrition, irrigation and peat moss producers.

In 2000, Doktor Tarsa signed the joint venture agreement with SQM, Chilean Potassium Nitrate producer.

The first step was to meet new technologies with farmers. Afterwards, it was time for the second step to create its own technologies.

2005 was the opening of new water soluble NPK production plant and Doktolab, a full equipped laboratory which can provide fertilizer, soil, water and leaf analysis. Thus Doktor Tarsa became a producer, which can provide full analysis support for its customer for accurate use of its products.

Also it was the time when product development department is founded and the research for new products is started.

By 2006, Doktor Tarsa had become the leading company for specialty products in Turkey. The new challenge was to make Doktor Tarsa a global brand.

For this reason, Export department started its operations in the same year. Doktor Tarsa products reached a global coverage with more than 40 countries in a short period of time.

In 2011, Doktor Tarsa was signed the Joint Venture agreement and the Company TerraTarsa was established.

What remains unchanged is our passion for growing and to meet new technologies with the farmers.