Nutriflex is a specially designed NPK fertilizer range for vegetable, fruit and cut flower nutrition. Within Nutriflex range you can find different formulations for various crops. Each formulation is prepared to provide all essential nutrients that crops may need. Nutriflex plant nutrient solutions developed due to advanced knowledge and practices. Nutriflex provides easy calculation for right and balanced plant nutrition with every dosing system.

Plants produced under drip irrigation system will have relatively limited root area. This relatively limited root area irrigated with drip system must be fertigated very carefully to achieve good results. Standard NPK formulations are used to supply the needs of the crops by making different kind of mixes. The idea of producing Nutriflex is to supply all the essential nutrients during all the growing periods to the root area in an ideal fertilization system. Thus, there are crop specific fertilizers. Nutriflex does not contain any Chlorine or Excess Sulphate that will cause salinity around the root area when it is not uptaken by the crop. Nutriflex assures correct fertilization resulting in optimum yield during all season.


Balance of the Plants, Not Numbers
Due to the crop specific formulations of Nutriflex, there will be no nutrient deficiency in the plant and no salt accumulation in the soil. Correct fertilization during all season results in optimum yield.

All in One Bag
Nutriflex contains all essential macro-micro elements for the plants except Ca. Those nutrients are in adequate amounts.

Nutriflex can be used during all season in the crop type it has been designed for.

High Quality Raw Materials
Nutriflex contains no elements detrimental to plants. No Clorine, sodium and other heavy metals.

Easily and Completely Water Soluble
Completely water soluble – Free flowing – Dust Free

No Salinity
With specific formulation of Nutriflex, there will be no nutrient deficiency in the plant and no salt accumulation in the soil.

For an improved uptake, all the metallic micro nutrients are chelated with EDTA. Iron (Fe) is chelated with EDDHA which is the most stable chelating agent in high pH soils and waters.

Nutriflex formulations do not contain urea. Raw material with high nutritional value is used in producing Nutriflex. Nitrate is the most suitable form for the crops with high consumption and frequent fertilization. Because it improves the uptake of Calcium and Magnesium, avoids stress of the roots when the soil temperature is high, no nitrogen loss via volatilization.


*Cu, Mn and Zn are EDTA chelated; Fe is EDDHA chelated.

**All values are w/w % unless otherwise specified.

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