DRT developed Novalon wsNPK series to improve plant health and growth with using fertigation systems. Our extensive experience in nutrient management in hydroponic systems in a wide range of crops and knowledge of soil nutrient interactions, served as the basis in deciding on the formulations. Novalon improves yield, quality, taste and appeal of the crop. Easy and safe to use in vegetables, cut flowers and other specialty crops grown in open field and greenhouses. Water soluble NPK series of Novalon is manufactured using the latest technology for the production of water soluble fertilizers.



Novalon is a fast dissolving and fully water soluble fertilizer. It contains high and balanced macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients like B, Mo and chelated Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn in ideal proportions. Product is free from insoluble or phytotoxic ingredients.

Main Characteristics of Novalon:

- Multi-nutrient containing fertilizers that are totally soluble in water.
- All of your requirements encompassed under one brand.
- Series of fertilizers to adapt different kind of crops and soil types.
- Ideal NO3 - NH4 - NH2 balance so that problems will not occur.
- Contains micro-nutrients chelated with EDTA (Cu, Fe, Mn or Zn).


Novalon series is homogeneous, dust-free, non-caking and totally water soluble products served to our customers.

wsNPK formulations of Novalon supply the all requirements of different phenological stages. Formulations designed with experience, enhance the performance during each of the main growth and development stage of different crop varieties. NPK formulations of product prevent imbalance applications caused by using many different types of products at the same time. Reduction of nutrient losses provided by increased efficiency of the nutrients that Novalon contains. Novalon applications help you to save from labor-force and excess water usage.

An all-in-one high quality NPK + TE range of fertilizers can be applied from drippers, sprinklers or micro-sprinkler systems. Our Novalon products contain Cu, Fe, Mn or Zn chelated with EDTA. The chelated trace element composition has an excellent result that can be assured over the widest range of soil pH.