Nutrients for First Steps

Nutrients… Every living organism needs nutrients to maintain its metabolism and healthy structure. One side, food consumption is a nutrient source for human beings and animals, on the other side elements are for plants.

Soil is the source of nutrients for plants but todays’ intensive agricultural production consumes soil content and makes it poor from the aspect of nutrient levels. This creates a necessity for application of fertilizers. Plants grow where nutrient deficiencies has in soil, is going to have seeds with low on nutrients. Even seeds with adequate amount of nutrients will suffer from germination and rooting problems at poor soils.

To provide healthy seed development, vigorous germination and rooting, importance of seed treatments can be understood. Researchers showed that while ordinary fertilizing can damage seeds and even prevent their germination, specially formulated “seed treatment products” can supply seeds needs and provide perfect start for plant life cycle. At the link below trial can be found about Novalon Seed Treatment and its positive effects on seeds.